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Established in 1993 Cherry Childcare is a family owned and run independent group with 10 nurseries across Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire.

We provide childcare for children aged 3 months through to 5 years and our mission is to provide the best childcare available in every location we operate in.

Our teaching follows the philosophy of Active Learning through 'Purposeful Play' following principles linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We accept childcare vouchers and we are an approved provider for Universal and Extended 15 hours funded childcare.

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Our Outstanding Nurseries


Cherrylands Nursery - Brooklands

CherryStone Nursery - Stoneleigh

CherryField Nursery - Epsom

CherryVale Nursery - Ash Vale 
CherryTown Nursery - Sandhurst




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