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CherryStone December Newsletter

Its hard to believe we are near the end of another year.  It has been exciting with new developments and as always watching the children in our care grow and develop.  I hope you all enjoy the run up to Christmas and I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

In this Newsletter:

Company News

Colour and Festival Weeks

Oscar The Bear

Promotion News

Christmas Dates and Information


Company News

Well another year is nearly over and with 2010 near to an end we would like to reflect on just some of the projects that we have introduced into our nurseries over the past year and what is still to come..........
At the beginning of the year, we had the opening of our new Cherrywood nursery which has had a fantastic start. We have opened up our new baby room and a separate Toddler room due to our growing numbers. In addition to this, we have resurfaced the garden and installed a shelter to provide the children with protection from all weathers. Our next project will be the opening of the new kitchen so watch this space.



CherryBrook and CherryTown have had new flooring in main areas and many of the rooms.
CherryBrook benefits from the building extension completed early this year.
CherryVale has recently had a new heating system installed which will keep them all warm this winter!
CherryStone has had a facelift and a new roof. The front of the building being rendered and painted and what an impact this has made! In addition to this, air conditioning has also been installed into our Little Learners room.
Smart boards have been installed in the preschool rooms at CherryBrook, CherryStone, CherryField and CherryVale nurseries so we look forward to the children benefiting from these.
CherryGrove has had a facelift and we are soon to be opening new parts of the building as demand for childcare places has increased.
At CherryLands we have made internal and external improvements and are currently redeveloping the outdoor play areas.
CherryField opened a new Pre-school room.

All of these changes will significantly improve the environment for the children.

There are works in progress and a programme for further developments during 2011.  Before the end of 2010 we are introducing a new management system across all nurseries.  The introduction of the system will help us make improvements with planning and record keeping  but it will also improve our invoice management.  Details of how it will affect you are contained in the leaflet “Invoice Changes 2011”.

Colour and Festival Weeks 2011

As from 2011, we would like to introduce colour weeks across the company with the idea that these fit into any current festivals and celebrations. Each room will introduce a colour table for that week so children can find or bring in from home anything with the chosen colour. We will also have one day out of these weeks where staff and children can dress up in the colour of the week.

Not only will this bring lots of fun to the nurseries but will also help the children in learning their colours as well as the different events and festivals that are celebrated around the world.

We would really appreciate it if you could all support us in this new project by putting these dates on your 2011 calendar so you can all join in the fun!

Promotion News

Katie Dwyer, currently 2-5’s Team Supervisor, will become Assistant Manager from 1st November 2010. Katie has achieved so much since her last promotion and she continues to grow within her role. We have full confidence in her ability to ensure the smooth running of the nursery in my absence.

This does mean that we will be interviewing internally over the next month for room leader positions and a 2-5’s Team Supervisor.

Oscar the Bear

 We have a new addition to our nursery. His name is Oscar and he is fluffy, cuddly and has floppy ears.  Over the next few weeks he will be spending a week in each of our rooms with the staff and children. During this time, the children will be involving him in their activities and daily routine. They will then help Oscar to write his diary and add photos of all of his adventures.
Once he has spent time getting to know everyone in the nursery, we will be sending him home each weekend to spend time with the children and their families. We will pick children at randomeach week especially if we know they have a special event happening at the weekend.
Oscar will come with a bag of spare clothes, his diary and he even has a passport in case you are going away for the weekend!
What we need you to do is to involve Oscar in your weekend activities, by taking photos or collecting any memorabilia for his diary. You can even add to his wardrobe if you wish. He usually shops in “The Bear Factory”.  We also ask that he is returned to nursery on your first day back after the weekend with his diary all complete!
But most of all, have lots of fun with Oscar and please remember to take good care of him!

Christmas 2010

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and for all our staff and children; it is our busiest but favourite time of the year! It is of course a time for celebration which is why we like to provide our children with Christmas parties which include a visit from Father Christmas. For the older children, we also include a Christmas concert or nativity play which gives parents, the opportunity to come and watch your children sing songs and carols to help get you all into the festive spirit! The children have already started practising for this.

Date                            Events/Time
1st December              Christmas post box is open for business 
6th December              Babies Party with Father Christmas  3-4.30pm
7th December              Tiny Todds Party with Father Christmas 
8th December              Toddlers Party with Father Christmas 
13th/14th December     Little Leaners Party with Father Christmas  3.30-4.30pm
16th/17th December     Pre-School Christmas Nativity    3pm
21st December             Christmas Dinner    12 pm
24th December             Christmas closure    3pm
4thJanuary                   Nursery re –opens    Normal opening hours

Christmas Parties

Please provide a wrapped present up to the value of £5, labelled with your child’s name and group room on, prior to their party day.

Concert/Nativity Play

Parents will be invited to come along and watch their children in this but spaces are limited so please speak to your nursery manager. All children who do not usually attend on the days which we will be holding the parties and concerts on, are invited to come along and join in the fun. These children must be accompanied by an adult.  As per last year we will allow use of cameras during the plays.  Please can you advise the office if you do not want your child included.

Christmas Post

This will be available for all of the children to post Christmas cards to their friends or carers within the nursery. The post box will be located in the nursery entrance.
All Christmas events and times are displayed on the calendar.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all