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Paying For Your Childcare

Please find advice on paying for your childcare including:


  • Tax Free childcare
  • 3 Year Old Funded Hours
  • Childcare Voucher Payments
  • Booking Extra Sessions
  • Changing Sessions
  • Late Payment of Fees



Click here for - Paying For Your Childcare




Summer Vegetarian Menu 2017

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.



Winter Vegetarian Menu

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.





30 Hours "Funded" Childcare

Please find below information about the 30 Hours "Funded" Childcare.

The current 15 hours of Free Entitlement is now known as the Universal 15 Hours and applies to all 3 year olds.

The additional 15 hours which is subject to an eligibility criteria is known as the Extended 15 Hours.

Together they make up the 30 Hours. The 30 funded hours launches in September 2017.


Existing Clients - Frequently Asked Questions - please click here for our latest FAQ's


New to Cherry Childcare? - Frequently Asked Questionsplease click here for our latest FAQ's


You can now check your eligibility for 30 hours funded childcare from September - click here


Important -

  • If you request a code prior to 1st June YOU WILL NEED to do this again BEFORE the 31st August for eligibility in September.
  • Local Authority guidance suggests codes MUST be obtained BEFORE the "term" start date that you wish to claim the Extended Hours.

We have just been advised you will also need to complete an authority form from the Local Authority to give us permission to check your code. Forms are here:

  • Cherryvale, Cherrrywood, Cherrybrook, Cherrylands, Cherrystone, Cherryfield -  CLICK HERE
  • Cherrygrove - NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Cherrytown - NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Cherrypark, Cherryisland - NOT YET AVAILABLE


Please click here for the Extended 15 Hours Request Form

  • You will need this form to request Extended 15 Hours whether you intend to increase your child's current sessions or not.
  • You cannot request sessions until you have the 12 digit HMRC eligibility code. To obtain your code please see the HMRC eligibility website for more details .
  • You will need an active Direct Debit
  • You will need to compete a Local Authority permission form (when available)
  • Your child must have started with the nursery prior to 1st July 2017
  • We may not be able to support claims of hours across different settings unless they are operating on the same claim parameters as ourselves
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply

Any questions - email us - Contact Us




Winter Menu

Copy of our menu and the diary dates so you can check to see what meals your child has eaten at nursery.




Infection Control

This guide is to give you information on our infection control policy and the procedures should your child become unwell.  Our policy follows the guidelines set out by the Health Protection Agency and Ofsted regarding infection control.

The purpose of this document is to help us ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children within our care. At Cherry Childcare to reduce the risk of infections we:

•    Provide protective clothing and equipment for staff in accordance with company procedures.

•    Have daily, weekly and monthly routine sterilising processes in place.

•    Outside contract cleaners clean premises daily.

•    If an outbreak occurs a deep clean is completed in the appropriate area/s by nursery staff and contract cleaners.

It is a fact that children will get ill.  By following the guidelines in this policy it reduces unnecessary exposure to illnesses and ensures infections are managed effectively creating a happy and healthy Nursery for all.

If at any time there are any infectious diseases present at the Nursery this will be clearly displayed at the entrance to the room where the infection has occurred.

This leaflet will cover:

What happens if my child is ill at Nursery?

What happens if my child is ill at home?

Key guidelines for exclusion.

Information for Pregnant Mothers.

Should your child become ill they should only return to Nursery when your child is over any symptoms in accordance with the guidelines shown in this policy leaflet and are well enough to do so.


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Parents Guide to Cherry Childcare

A guide to Childcare with Cherry Childcare. Please download the PDF version here.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for our current   Cherry Childcare - Terms And Conditions

Pre-School Clothing Order

If you would like to order pre-school shirts and other items please click on the link below:


Pre-school Clothing Order


The service is provided by Tesco UES.  Items are normally delivered within 14 days.


On your first order - if £25 or more enter code UES2014 and get a £5 discount (terms and conditions apply).

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend and receive a weeks* free childcare. Offer Valid on all new registrations up to 1/10/15


recommend a Friend 2015




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Starting Nursery

This guide is to give you information on what to expect when your child starts nursery and how you can help.

Starting nursery whether on a part or full time basis is a major change in your child’s life.  This leaflet highlights the key areas and what changes you and your child will experience.  Every effort is made to ensure a smooth settling in process but, we also understand this can be very unsettling for both you and your child who may not have had any significant time apart.

Evidence has shown the more sessions your child has at nursery the quicker the settling process becomes but, in any case we have a policy of a minimum of 3 unaccompanied settling in sessions.  These sessions are organised at different times of the day so that you and your child can experience the different routines.


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