30 Hours "Funded" Childcare

Please find below information about the 30 Hours "Funded" Childcare.

The current 15 hours of Free Entitlement is now known as the Universal 15 Hours and applies to all 3 year olds.

The additional 15 hours which is subject to an eligibility criteria is known as the Extended 15 Hours.

Together they make up the 30 Hours. The 30 funded hours launches in September 2017.


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You can now check your eligibility for 30 hours funded childcare from September - click here


Important -

  • If you request a code prior to 1st June YOU WILL NEED to do this again BEFORE the 31st August for eligibility in September.
  • Local Authority guidance suggests codes MUST be obtained BEFORE the "term" start date that you wish to claim the Extended Hours.

We have just been advised you will also need to complete an authority form from the Local Authority to give us permission to check your code. Forms are here:

  • Cherryvale, Cherrrywood, Cherrybrook, Cherrylands, Cherrystone, Cherryfield -  CLICK HERE
  • Cherrygrove - NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Cherrytown - NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Cherrypark, Cherryisland - NOT YET AVAILABLE


Please click here for the Extended 15 Hours Request Form

  • You will need this form to request Extended 15 Hours whether you intend to increase your child's current sessions or not.
  • You cannot request sessions until you have the 12 digit HMRC eligibility code. To obtain your code please see the HMRC eligibility website for more details .
  • You will need an active Direct Debit
  • You will need to compete a Local Authority permission form (when available)
  • Your child must have started with the nursery prior to 1st July 2017
  • We may not be able to support claims of hours across different settings unless they are operating on the same claim parameters as ourselves
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply

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