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The purpose of this guide is to explain how we promote a healthy lifestyle for your child whilst at nursery.

This leaflet will cover:

Feeding your child better

Stop the Rot

Change for Life

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles



Feeding your child better.

Cherry Childcare is committed to providing good, healthy nutritious meals for children in our care.
All our meals are freshly prepared in-house that are both tasty and nutritious. 
Each week our menu provides a balance of protein foods, featuring a Pork, Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Fish and Vegetarian item using a range of recipes that rotate over a four week period i.e. Tuna Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Mediterranean Lamb with cous cous. 
We encourage the children to have five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Every day we serve a minimum of two vegetables, at least one of which will be a fresh seasonal vegetable. We don’t use canned vegetables. Children are provided with a choice of whole milk with their AM/PM snack and drinking water is available throughout the day.


Dietary Management

Children can have medical needs or families have religious, cultural or personal beliefs that influence dietary choices.

We ask all parents to discuss their child’s dietary needs when they start at the nursery. These requirements are recorded on a dietary list which is updated monthly and signed by all staff and Caterers. Parents can inform us whenever dietary needs change and these are recorded manually on the form until updated for the following month.

Dietary needs are supported by using different coloured plates and bowls whichhelps to build children’s own awareness of their needs:

Vegetarians – Green

Allergies – Red

All other children have yellow plate/bowls

In addition children who may have severe allergies are:

•    Provided with a medical wrist band to wear whilst at nursery.

•    Two named team members are allocated to feed these children.

Copies of Menus can be obtained from the nursery entrance.


Change for Life

The motto of Change for Life is eat well, move more, live longer.

Change for Life is a campaign launched by the NHS to promote healthier lifestyles.  The “Top Tips for Top Kids” are:

1.    Reduce children’s consumption of sugar which is the main cause of tooth decay and increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
2.    Serving appropriate portion sizes to reduce eating to excess.
3.    Balanced diet ensuring children are getting the main nutrients.
4.    Promoting healthy snacks and in doing so reduce fat, sugar and salt intake.
5.    Increased consumption of fruit and vegetables using the 5 a day guide.
6.    Increased awareness of foods which increase fat intake.
7.    Get active.  Promoting at least 60 minutes of active time per day.
8.    Up and about – move about to burn off energy.

In addition to our outdoor play as part of the standard daily routine at Cherry Childcare we also promote ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ through a number of specific physical activities including:

Wake Up, Shake Up
An aerobic dance which takes place twice a day morning and afternoon, to a variety of up beat songs.

Fitness Fridays
Every Friday for our preschool children we incorporate lots of physical events throughout the day which include warm up exercises, basic ball skills as well as being lots of fun! We also encourage our children to wear sports tops such as football, rugby to add to the occasion.

Activities with the children
We carry out a variety of activities with our older children to help them understand what food is healthy, how to keep fit and why this is important.

Sparkly Smiles

Cherry childcare is a registered provider with the “Stop the Rot” campaign and our objective is to make our nurseries tooth friendly zones. To support this campaign we promote good oral health by promoting healthy snack choices and encourage the children to bring in their own toothbrush and toothpaste so they are able to brush their teeth during the day at nursery.

Within stop the rot you can “smile like a crocodile” keeping these 3 promises:

1.    Sack the Sugar – check the labels on food and keep the ones containing sugar to an absolute minimum.
2.    Beat the sweets – avoid sweets, toffees and chocolates as far as possible.
3.    Let’s get brushing – make sure children understand the importance of brushing twice a day for 2 minutes.

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